Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bangkok Trip Day 1

I have a long weekend holidays this week due to celebration of Malaysia's National Day on Monday. I had been following #bersih4.0 news updates from time to time since yesterday. So touch to see everyone gathers together so peacefully and voice up their only one mission. Take care everyone and please stay safe!

I am going to blog about my Bangkok trip with my two bffs a.k.a my uni-mates. Started to miss them. T___T

I am so glad that we still keep in touch since graduated. We are from different states and now one is married and another two is going to marry soon. Haha...

We met up in KL airport on the day we departed to Bangkok. I love Bangkok city very much. I love their food, people and of course shopping haven. This is my second time going to Bangkok. The first time, I went there with Sabahking. 

Three of us on the plane. It was so funny that both of them came to my seat after some time cause I was seated alone for the whole row. We chatted so much and talked about other uni-mates. 

Once arrived, we took a taxi to our hotel. We stayed at Ibis Hotel, such a convenient hotel and the price is reasonable. After checked-in, we took a rest in the hotel before going out for dinner. 

We  went to Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square Soi 5. It was just a distant from our hotel but being so noob in the route during night time, fortunately we met a kind man. He is quite good looking man, he showed us the way to Som Tam Nua. Should have take photo with him. Hmmph....

Min Yee & her fiance

Winnie & me

Let me show what we ordered, please beware of non-halal foods.

Our's drinks

Northeast Style Spicy Soup with Pork Bone. Tastes so spicy and sweet at the same time. Syiok to max.

Thai Papaya Mix Salad. Appetite booster I can said. Yum Yum...

Hot and Spicy Crispy Fish. I love this so much. Love the mint leaves match with the spiciness. We ate until no bone left. LOL =D

Grilled pork neck. Nom...Nom...melted in my mouth. So good.

After dinner, went for a walk around Siam Paragon. I love their shopping so much.

Siam Center

It is so convenient to take commuter around the Bangkok city to reach from one destination to another destination. 

That's all for Day 1.

Stay tuned for more =)

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