Monday, September 21, 2015

Clara International Herbal Skin Care

I have good things to share out.

Sharing is Caring~

Well, I had been using Clara International Herbal Skin Care product. Have anyone hear about Clara before?

The story on how I started my skincare regime with Clara. Last year, during my company exhibition in PWTC, I met Prof. Datin Dr. Clara, the founder of Clara International. She came over our booth and asked for handphone charger at that time. So, she was in our booth until we end our exhibition day. She is such a great and nice lady for sharing her stories with me. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to approach and talk with her personally. 

I have problem and sensitive skin since high school especially on my chin and forehead areas, I keep finding the solution for my skin problem. It was so frustrating and lost of confidence especially going out with my friends. I have to put on thick foundation to cover them up and this make my skin condition worsen. I had been changing a lot of skin care until I met Datin. She is very kind to give me her name card and ask me to look for her experience beautician at Clara in Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. She gave me confident and 100% ensure me that they could help me.

Thus, I went to Clara International to try out their service and products.

From the first facial treatment, I already can see the outcome. So amazing. They also recommended me few of their herbal based skin care products for my skin problem.

It has been one year since I started visiting their shop for facial treatment and using their products.
My skin condition getting better and my face started to glow. I can easily apply make up and sometimes, I dare to go out with bare face, without any make up. I have more confident to be around my friends and colleagues.

This post is to share out my experience with Clara International. As they seldom promote their products and service through the media platform, hardly to get to know about them. Besides, they are not hard sell their products and forcing you to be their member like other facial shop which I experienced before.

Currently using all these series of skin care. 

From left to right: Hydrazulene Milk, pH Face Wash, Cleasing Fluid, Face toner, Translucent face gel and Purifying AC Gel

Special Blue Lotion: to reduce my puffiness around eyes area and reduced the appearance of tired eyes.

Acomed N Concentrate and Propolis Concentrate used to treat my skin problems. My chin used to have small puffs or reddish pimples popping out especially during PMS. 

LD Cream helps o soothe irritable skin condition such as rashes and pimples. 

Blackheads are the causes for all skin problems. Both this BH Lotion and Cream help to regulate the sebum in our skin and control the build of blackheads. I could see the appearance of blackheads around my "strawberry nose" reduced once I applied the lotion every fortnight. 

This two masks are really my savoir. Whenever I feel my skin condition are not in a good condition, I applied one of this. I love Kaolin Cream Mask so much. I can feel the differences the next day. Redness around my face reduced, pimples gone. So amazing.

All their skin care are herbal based and certified Halal. It is safe to use and remember natural products contains of great antioxidant properties. 

Be natural beauty~

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